Monday, April 12, 2010

Configuring my PL-DSL1 router

I just sabotaged my modem/router from PLDT model PL-DSL1. A 4year old modem/router of mine and I really need to share my internet connection to my laptop without buying a Dlink or Linksys router.

Here's how to configure the modem to Router mode: (btw, my modem's firmware is the default and the old one.)

1. Go to your LAN adapter and change it's IPv4 properties and use the ff IP addr:

 IP address :

 Subnet mask :

 Default gateway :

2. Press ok and go to your browser and type on the address =

3. It should prompt you to enter the username and password for the modem. For username type "admin" and password "1234" (w/o the quotes).

4. Go to Wizard Setup and choose the following options:

Mode = Routing

Encapsulation = ENET ENCAP

Multiplex = LLC

VPI = 0

VCI = 100 ( Metro Manila area) or 35 ( Provincial area), and then click next

5. Next, IP Addresses, just choose Obtain IP automatically and Network Address Translation to SUA only.

Click Next.

6. Click Change LAN Configuration and enter this values:

LAN IP Address =

LAN Subnet Mask =

DHCP Server = On

Client IP Pool Starting Address =

Size of Client IP Pool = 32

Primary and Secondary DNS Server =

Click Finish.

You can now connect another UTP cable from the modem/router and simultaneously use internet connection on the router.


What if you would like to return to bridge mode? Dang...

1. Proceed to previous step 4.

2. Choose and enter this values:

Mode = Bridge

Encapsulation = RFC 1483

Multiplex = LLC

VPI = 0

VCI = 100 ( Metro Manila area) or 35 ( Provincial area).

Click next to finish the wizard.

(Don't forget to change again the IP on your LAN adapter to Obtain automatically.)

3. Open CMD (Run as admin if applicable) type:

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /renew

There you have it! 



  1. credits goes for sir dyoddyowel of pinoydsl

  2. mga sir effective paba ito? kasi napaga ko na siya... pero nag try ako bumalik sa bridge mode.. kasi nagddc yun net ko.. tpos try ko uli ibalik sa routing mode ayaw nya na mag share ng net sa isang ko pc.. pano kaya ito?

  3. effective pa siya as long as yung firmware mo yung luma pa rin. kasi di ako familiar sa bagong firmware nito. Tested ko 'to since ilang beses na rin ako nag reset ng PL-DSL1

    basta sundan mo lang yung steps.

  4. may I have the firmware? Either the oldest one or the yellow one will do. Here are the instructions:

    Instead of setting timeout to 0, set it to 499 (sys stdio 499)

    Thanks! -> send here :)