Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Is Firefox really that bad on CentOS?

I'm still wondering why the heck Firefox in CentOS isn't good as it's M$ version. 

Several drawbacks I noticed :

1. Flash object loads intermittently, needs to refresh site several times to load (including YouTube videos darn it).

2. Fonts used by Firefox is really bad, imo.

3. Firefox frequently hangs on some website.

So I searched for a better alternative browser for CentOS, Google Chrome isn't in the list (no available rpm's, there's a workaround but still ain't stable) neither Safari (doesn't support my OS but should be installed on Wine or on a Virtualbox) and Swiftfox (doesn't work either).

And I bumped to Opera which the browser I also used in my M$ desktop. So far, it's more stable than Firefox except I get some hiccups when playing video on certain websites (not including YouTube).

And the last thing I like about it is... more viewable window! (My Lenovo S10 really lacks workspace, that's why).

Too bad 10.51 full is not yet available on CentOS (only beta source). 

Once you've installed it and didn't liked it, you can uninstall :

#yum erase opera


#rpm -e opera


Monday, April 19, 2010

Frustrated about Linux's zip apps!

Well, I've been downloading files from the net that has a multiple split zip archive. ( .z01, .z02, zip, etc...) And I just found out that CentOS / RHEL has a limit when unzipping files greater than 4Gb!

I tried 'yum install p7zip' but still, no luck. 

There's also a blog entry with his workaround...

#cat file.z01 file.z02 >> filename.zip

#7za e filename.zip

but, still FAIL. Dang... I can't imagine that it would be this complicated just to extract a file.

I ended up extracting to my Win 7 desktop. boo!

If you have any solutions, please post. ("\(^____^)/")


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Installing e-sword using Wine on CentOS

Last March, I've been a fan of open source programs and migrated my Lenovo s10 OS to CentOS Linux. So far, its been a pain in the butt when installing programs, specifically programs that needs to be compiled. 

Lately, I want to use any bible program that can read NIV texts but unfortunately, gnomesword or Xiphos, I think, do not support NIV because of copyright issues. BibleTime in other hand doesn't have any RPM's for CentOS / RHEL and needs certain dependencies which I really haven't figured out. 

(If you're thinking about PDF NIV bible, that's out of the option since it IS REALLY hard navigating or searching each verse and chapter on it.)

Then I stumbled upon Google and found out an NIV .bbl file on click here which is fortunately an e-Sword file.

  • e-Sword, btw, is not compatible in Linux so I have to Install wine. You can install it by opening the terminal > type "yum install wine".  If it doesn't continue, you need to install RPM Fusion click here
  • Download the e-Sword executable file from their site or might as well use an older version since I got problems on version 9. What I'm using right now is e-Sword 7.8.5.
  • Open Wine File on Applications > Wine > Wine File and specify the e-Sword installer and then install.
  • Once installed, you should probably noticed after executing it, you will see a blank text on its window. Open Wine Configuration on Applications > Wine > Wine Configuration and on Applications Tab - add e-Sword. Proceed to Libraries tab and choose from the New override for library drop down list, oleaut32.dll and riched20.dll. After, click edit on each DLL and choose "Native (Windows)" option on both.
  • Choose Ok and re-launch e-Sword. By now, you should see the missing texts

If you downloaded the NIV .bbl file from the recent link, you should paste it to the e-Sword folder from wine - the usual path should be /home/(username)/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/e-Sword. Use Nautilus for efficiency ( don't forget to press CTRL-H to see hidden files ).


Monday, April 12, 2010

Vista System restore error 0×80041321

Vista System Restore error; Could not create restore point

Error Message:
Could not create the scheduled task for the following reason: The task image is corrupt or has been tempered with. (0×80041321)

1. Delete System Restore entries on following registry path



2. Delete file named "SR" on c:\Windows\System32\Tasks\Microsoft\Windows\SystemRestore

3. Reboot.


How to fix .NET errors in Windows

How to fix .NET errors (installing update) in Windows:

1. Download .NET clean up utility : http://blogs.msdn.com/astebner/attachment/8904493.ashx

2. Remove the specific .NET version that won't install in Windows Update. DO NOT REMOVE ALL VERSION.

3. Reboot

4. Most of the time, .NET 1.1 and 3.5 are common versions that fails to install. After reboot, download and install the .NET installers:

Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1


Microsoft .NET Framwork 3.5


other versions are available at:


5. Reboot after, run Windows Update and .NET updates will now install.

Multiple Yahoo! Messenger in one PC.

Well, this trick is not new nowadays but I had rather share this just for fun.

1. Open the registry editor by going to: start> run> and type "regedit" w/o the quotes.
2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\yahoo\pager\test
3. Right click the right panel window, choose new> DWORD value> and type "Plural" w/o the quotes.
4. Modify the Plural entry by double clicking it, and enter value data "1" w/o the quotes.
5. Click Ok and close the Registry editor.

That's it! You can run multiple Yahoo! Messenger (any version as far as I know) app's and can log-in as many users in 1 pc.


Configuring my PL-DSL1 router

I just sabotaged my modem/router from PLDT model PL-DSL1. A 4year old modem/router of mine and I really need to share my internet connection to my laptop without buying a Dlink or Linksys router.

Here's how to configure the modem to Router mode: (btw, my modem's firmware is the default and the old one.)

1. Go to your LAN adapter and change it's IPv4 properties and use the ff IP addr:

 IP address :

 Subnet mask :

 Default gateway :

2. Press ok and go to your browser and type on the address =

3. It should prompt you to enter the username and password for the modem. For username type "admin" and password "1234" (w/o the quotes).

4. Go to Wizard Setup and choose the following options:

Mode = Routing

Encapsulation = ENET ENCAP

Multiplex = LLC

VPI = 0

VCI = 100 ( Metro Manila area) or 35 ( Provincial area), and then click next

5. Next, IP Addresses, just choose Obtain IP automatically and Network Address Translation to SUA only.

Click Next.

6. Click Change LAN Configuration and enter this values:

LAN IP Address =

LAN Subnet Mask =

DHCP Server = On

Client IP Pool Starting Address =

Size of Client IP Pool = 32

Primary and Secondary DNS Server =

Click Finish.

You can now connect another UTP cable from the modem/router and simultaneously use internet connection on the router.


What if you would like to return to bridge mode? Dang...

1. Proceed to previous step 4.

2. Choose and enter this values:

Mode = Bridge

Encapsulation = RFC 1483

Multiplex = LLC

VPI = 0

VCI = 100 ( Metro Manila area) or 35 ( Provincial area).

Click next to finish the wizard.

(Don't forget to change again the IP on your LAN adapter to Obtain automatically.)

3. Open CMD (Run as admin if applicable) type:

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /renew

There you have it! 


at last!

I finally created my own blog... or whatever they call it.

So please welcome me and be nice.